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Al Safar Group has established CIIE in Dubai, UAE, that provides for sustainable growth in organizations through entrepreneurial education degrees, both academic and vocational. CIIE is a comprehensive facility offering international standard education and qualifications, language laboratory support, and test centre services.

The education and training offered by CIIE targets various verticals in government and industrial organizations, sporting project-based delivery that facilitates talent development and economic growth.

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CIIE will provide a one-stop shop for prospective as well as existing teachers to enhance their knowledge, experience and skills with regulated international quality education. Candidates will have their current stand evaluated, follow the appropriate education path as per UAE regulations, and complete necessary language and qualifications tests leading to teacher licensure.

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The UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda emphasizes the development of a first-rate education system, which will require a complete transformation of the current education system and teaching methods. The National Agenda aims for all schools, universities and students to be equipped with Smart systems and devices as a basis for all teaching methods, projects and

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Mandatory Professional Development Courses

All the school teachers in Dubai must complete the following six Mandatory Professional Development (MPD) Courses to gain the Competent Teacher Status

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Mandatory Courses

Continuous Professional Development

Child Protection and Safeguarding

The Course will familiarize educators and school staffs with best practices relating to protection and safeguarding of learners.

Dealing with People of Determination

This Course will develop educators and school staffs understanding about disability, impairment, special education needs…


The Course will develop the educators and school staffs understanding of diversity and equality in education. It will also develop their understanding of different forms of…

Moral Education

The Course will familiarize educators and school staffs with the UAE Moral Education Programme and its importance. It will enhance educators and…


The Course will enhance educators and school staffs understanding of sustainability and importance of resource efficiency in supporting sustainable development.


The Course will develop educators and school staffs understanding of the importance of a safe learning environment and its impact on learner wellbeing.

Exploring Innovation Through Technology

Innovation Boot Camp

Summer Online Camps for 10 to 16 years old inventors with hands-on learning.

We will be engaging the kids creatively in innovative games and providing activities to upskill them through 21st Century skill-based Learning. Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Logical Thinking

The learners will also experience hands-on STEAM Learning with Gamified innovation challenges for them to create solutions.

Teacher Qualification

Effective School Improvement

CIIE’s strong belief is that only when the subject experts have an on-going engagement with the school they can assess, train, monitor and re-assess to ensures the improvement of the teachers as individuals and the school as overall.

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