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English Language Proficiency


Abroad Test Prep Department:

CIIE offers Career-Oriented training & preparatory courses for Abroad Test preparation such as IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, PTE & CELPIP etc. Each product is specifically developed in terms of academic content, pedagogy and packaging of the test conducting authorities. CIIE provides a wide range of services for your international education journey. From course information to career guidance, CIIE offers dedicated programmes for overseas aspirants.



  • CIIE is an official Registration centre & Test venue for IDP IELTS
  • In depth training on each section of IELTS
  • Numerous Mock tests & Model tests
  • Strategy: Train > Evaluate > Feedback > Repeat
  • Long track of experience in International Standard Education
  • Trained by Native English Speakers & most experienced subject matter experts
  • Trainers & programs evaluated by Ofqual UK


How IELTS at CIIE is different from others?

  • More Training hours
  • Unique strategy to crack the IELTS Blueprint
  • More exercises & Practice tests
  • Free access for practice
  • Affordable fee
  • Scholarships available
  • Supplementary classes available for Re-takers
  • Real time test taking experience
  • Learners can take test at the CIIE venue
  • Tailor made course materials
  • Career guidance support (University admission & Immigration

IELTS Mock Tests

ATP Mock tests campaign for Higher Studies & Immigration:

CIIE is coming up with a campaign to encourage students & migrants to start preparing for Abroad Test right from the beginning of the process. It gives them enough time to research and plan for their future.

For Students:

The Mock tests for abroad Test Preparation targeting 11th & 12th grade students creates awareness for students about various courses available, the best possible universities, scope of scholarships and also gives the experience of the competitive examinations.


Benefits for Students:

Right time:

It is difficult for students to get time to research on their career calling and to plan for higher studies in the 12th grade. By taking the competitive exams early, students can prepare themselves well in advance.

Track progress:

Students can get instant feedbacks and can evaluate their performance. This will help students to identify their weak areas and can start rectifying them before they sit appear for the main exams. The online mock test will aid students to keep a track of their progress.



Unlike traditional self practice, candidates can retake the same mock test a number of times. This helps students to analyze and improve their learning curve


Develop Confidence:

Self practice & Evaluation do not assure early results. This breaks down the confidence level in candidates which diverts them from their goal. Whereas instant result and feedback with required counseling accelerates students to reach to their goals

Clear Idea of where you stand:

In traditional test, students may have performed well among others, but among how many test takers?  Maybe among  a few known candidates. Mock test tells candidates where they stand among others universally and feedbacks accelerate students to their goals.

Time Management:

Time is the most important factor when it comes to clearing competitive exams. Attempting questions in the given time is not an easy task, considering the amount of questions asked in the exams and the time available to complete them. Hence, solving mock test helps! The more mock test the candidate practices, more are the chances of student completing the exam on time.


Why take IELTS in 11th Grade?

  • Need not wait for last minute amidst your busy 12th grade
  • The admission to your dream university is in September of your 12th grade, which will keep you busy
  • Keep your Mark sheets Abroad Tests ready for the application process well in advance
  • Have enough time to improve your scores with an opportunity of having multiple attempts
  • You can stay more focused on preparing for your 12th grade exam for better scores if abroad tests are already taken in the 11th grade
  • IELTS is valid for 2 years & SAT is Valid for 5 Years
  • Have enough relaxed time to prepare & practice mock tests for IELTS in the 11th grade
  • Have enough time to plan & research on universities & course requirements
  • Be an early bird to be ready and apply to the universities of your choice

 For Immigrants:

  • Get a real time experience of taking IELTS
  • Free assessment tips to enhance your score
  • Assessment and scores are as per IELTS papameters
  • You will know what to expect in IELTS
  • Assessment will help you focus on areas of improvement for better scores

Unique strategy for desired results

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