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Excellence in Arabic and Islamic Education



The UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda emphasizes the development of a first-rate education system, which will require a complete transformation of the current education system and teaching methods. The National Agenda has set a target that Arabic and Islamic students rank among the best in the world in reading, mathematics and science exams, and to have a strong knowledge of the Arabic language.

To achieve a high level of competence in the Arabic and Islamic Education, CIIE guides the teachers and leadership through:

  • Curriculum Planning, Teaching and Learning and Assessment Methods
  • Challenges and Priorities for Students of Determination
  • Parents Engagement for Positive Impact

Workshops & Trainings

Some of the workshops and trainings that CIIE conducts regularly to 100s of teachers in UAE are listed below:

  • Outstanding Teachers with Creative Activities
  • Distinguished Teachers using Technologies for Effective Learning
  • Distinguished Teachers in Planning and Evaluation
  • Distinguished Teacher in the Knowledge Curriculum
  • Distinguished Teacher in the ways of Learning & Learning Steps
  • Distinguished Family

Please call or email for FREE workshop for your teachers at your school premises. T&C.

The Subject Expert

  • A member of the committees that created the Arabic National Curriculum Document (Arabic as Second Language) in the Ministry of Education and the Arabic Framework for a leading Group of Schools.
  • Successfully Trained more than 2,000 Teachers and 12,000+ Parents for the Excellent Education Criteria
  • An ex-Member of the Quality Assurance Team and was the Winner of Core Value Award in 2014 and now an Advisor with many reputed schools
  • An Education Consultant with the Dubai Educational Zone for Excellent Education Criteria and Excellent Education Awards
  • Has guided many Gifted & Talented Students for Development of Leadership Skills

NCFE Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

CIIE, Approved Centre of NCFE and CACHE (Permit No. 8467156), offers NCFE Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training as part the requirements for the Teacher Preparation Qualification which prepares trainees/teachers to teach in a range of contexts.

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Mandatory Professional Development Courses

All the school teachers in Dubai must complete the following six Mandatory Professional Development (MPD) Courses to gain the Competent Teacher Status

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