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Teacher Education



CIIE will provide a one-stop shop for prospective as well as existing teachers to enhance their knowledge, experience and skills with regulated international quality education. Candidates will have their current stand evaluated, follow the appropriate education path as per UAE regulations, and complete necessary language and qualifications tests leading to Competent Teacher Status (CTS).

CIIE follows an innovative roadmap in progressing teacher education to include leadership and entrepreneurship, taking into consideration education requirements, quality standards, and local requirements.

Our approach will implement, in spirit and practice, the QF Emirates by applying a mechanism for recognizing qualifications taken across framework levels and within both vocational and academic sectors. This approach will provide for evolving the education system to be more applicable to modern times and fast-pacing communities such as in the UAE.

Competent Teacher Status (CTS)

CIIE will train prospective and existing teachers in the UAE to get prepared for teaching profession in a given area and to gain teaching knowledge, a skill or competence after completing the required learning outcomes and teaching practice, approved and accepted by Qualifications and Awards in Dubai (QAD) and Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

CTS ? How to get there?


CIIE covers all aspects of Competent Teacher Status (CTS) including training, testing and assessment on Standards, Teaching Qualifications, Language Skills and Professional Development hence following are the some of the key offerings:

Teachers and Educational Leadership Standards

  • Professional and Ethical Conduct
  • Professional Knowledge
  • Professional Practice
  • Professional Growth

Teachers Preparation Qualification

  • NCFE Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

Language Proficiency

  • English
  • Arabic

Compulsory Trainings (6 Courses)

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding
  • Dealing with People of Determination
  • Diversity
  • Moral Education
  • Sustainability
  • Wellbeing

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

  • 100+ NCFE and CACHE Endorsed Short Courses

CTS ? What is Needed?

The following table demonstrates the phase/year wise CTS process.


Our Valuable Clients

  • Al Ameen Private School
  • American School of Creative Science
  • Arab Unity School
  • Beam / ASCS
  • Bilva Indian School
  • Buds Public School
  • Crescent English High School
  • Dubai Scholars Private School
  • Elite English school
  • Emirates English Speaking School
  • Gems Wellington
  • Gulf Asian English School
  • Gulf Indian High School
  • JSSPS Private School
  • New Indian Model School
  • Raffles World Academy
  • Rosary School
  • The English College School
  • The Indian Academy School
  • The Indian High School
  • Victory Heights Primary School
  • Avalon School

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